China is working on the renovation one of the most legendary trade routes – “Vedic Silk Road”

         Nowadays China is working on the renovation one of the most legendary trade routes – “Vedic Silk Road”, which unites Europe, Asia, Africa with the Middle East,   India, Indonesia and Beijing. 

The territory of Ukraine for confrontation or interaction between civilizations?


What is happening in Ukraine today is not the result of just political, economic, human and other crises that engulfed it and continues to cover, but also of long-term reasons which inplored over. I′m going to emphasize one of them which, somehow intentionally or not is not called although it exists and is fundamental.



Upcoming collective monograph “Improving labor relations as a basis for the stability and development of civil society” (edited by Morozov P.D.- K., 2013).

Social order providing is a basis of a sustainable society developing and its productive force.

The determination of the progressive transformation vector is always being a necessity of searching appropriate form of society combination and labor value is hard to redefine.

For future generations

In 1992, in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), the first meeting at the highest level - "Planetazemlya", and 20 years later, in late June, 2012, op hosted a conference on Sustainable Development - "Rio +20 ".                                    

As for Ukraine's participation in the Shanghai Cooperation Organization

Viktor Yanukovych said that Ukraine would like to become an observer in the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO)

Thinking strategically and state

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Konstantin Grishchenko said that China will lead Ukraine out "triangle closer EU - Russia - United States."