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      You have visited our online magazine. Sure it will be interesting and informative. The magazine covers the latest occurrences on "The Great Silk Way" – the area of Eurasia stretching for more than 13000 km - specific processes of social life in its modern countries, including the future of the mankind. People always lend an attentive ear to the future which is around now, and continues to exist, we live in it and it will exist after us.


   Our online magazine is a general political, informationally -analytical, philosophical and cultural publication of the geopolitical orientation with its main super columns: geopolitics, history, countries-peoples, cutting edge events, scientific and philosophical research, opinions, projects, proposals, forecasts, contemplations, thoughts, globalization and its consequences for Ukraine and the territory of (S.W) countries, diplomacy, two-tripartite relationships, including peacekeeping activities, official-unofficial relationships, dynamics, comments, points of view,  discussions (briefly, specifically, in a rich and interesting way, with an opportunity provided to express controversy-prognostic opinion).

      Also in the context of the above mentioned, we will go through the corridors of power, science, culture, art, literature, state of the environmental living conditions, economics, accounting (full face and profile).
      News from the press and the Internet, related to the goal of the magazine, the most important week events, will possibly be mentioned too.
    Thus, the presence of a balanced scale, depth and significance of objectively forecasting processes and information will, in our opinion, contribute to the continuation of a peaceful and harmonious coexistence of states and peoples of the Western and Eastern continents of Eurasia - Europe and Asia - the development of their creativity, spiritual and cultural values.
    This magazine is for philosophers, scientists, artists, writers, youth and the general public, including public figures, politicians, civil servants and officials of all levels and ranks.  And certainly it is for those who want to know what "awaits us tomorrow."
        As for its name, it is identical to the name of the Ukrainian public organization of scientific and philosophical, geopolitical orientation, registered by the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine.  The organization operates on the principles of true humanism, knowledge, contemporary and innovative life-asserting technologies under the slogan "Think globally, act locally."  To us, the representatives of Ukraine, it seems that we should not be sluggish and conservatively cut off from the life processes.The essence and purpose for us is to bring grace. That’s why we are engaged in the issues connected with the development of the future of Euro-Asian continents and do not incorporate those who indicate mostly difficulties.  We collaborate with those who at their level are able and willing to promote thoughtmaking life-giving processes.
Best regards and wishes of goodness and grace –
Leader of the "Centre “Euro-Asia” - III millennium"
 Michael Grechka


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